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Dr. Symeon Rodger

Mastering – Your Mind, Body and Destiny

The Reverend Dr. Symeon Rodger has been counseling people on transforming every aspect of their lives for over ten years. His forthcoming book, Rising above the Maelstrom of Life: The Only Proven Way to Master Your Mind, Body and Destiny (provisional title), outlines the much misunderstood reasons why we so often fail to change our lives and attain our full spiritual, mental, emotional and physical potential. Based on decades of personal research in the Eastern Orthodox Church's mystical tradition, the Mahayana Buddhism of Tibet and the Complete Reality School of Taoism, to name but a few, the book gives you a step-by-step plan for transforming your life, using only methods that have proven themselves effective for at least ten centuries! Rising above the Maelstrom of Life will take all the guesswork out of transforming your life and save you years of wasted time. It is to be published in early 2005. Watch for it!

Creating – Health, Immunity and Longevity

With his focus on transforming life, Dr. Symeon Rodger is also a noted health lecturer. While studying Oriental Martial Arts over the past thirty years, he has accumulated a considerable background in Chinese medicine, which has helped him to build a complete system for optimizing your health and immunity. Again, this system uses only methods that have been proven. It combines ancient medical knowledge with the best modern health products. But the system's greatest feature is that it cuts through the health information overload and tells you the exact steps you need to take to acquire health, immunity and longevity. This remarkable health system will soon be available on a separate web site. Meanwhile, please bookmark this page so that you can get future updates.

The Convergence Miracle – How to double your profits using existing resources and have fun doing it!

In addition to his experience in counseling individuals, Dr. Symeon Rodger also counsels companies and organizations of all types on how to remake their corporate culture; eliminating "us versus them" labour relations, optimizing their efficiency with existing resources and multiplying their profits, and all this while vastly increasing everyone's job satisfaction. In addition to his pastoral duties, Symeon Rodger has worked within a large organization for over a decade and has seen every conceivable organizational mistake and, for that matter, a few that are inconceivable!

Various speaking topics for your event:

    Martial Arts: various topics, such as "Teaching the martial arts today"
   and "Warriorship: the martial path to the inner mastery of life"

    Military Affairs: many topics on 20th-21st century military affairs,
   such as "The global arms trade and the modern security agenda"

    Religion / Theology: various topics such as
   "The Orthodox Church and the Christian West",
   "Why the ancients avoided religion and why it's killing us today"
   "Hesychasm: an insider's look at the original Christian spiritual tradition"

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The Reverend Doctor Symeon Rodger is a priest and spiritual father of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Ottawa, Canada. He has spent over twenty years immersing himself in this tradition and has personally benefited from the advice of several holy elders. A long time student of the Far East, he has practiced oriental martial arts since childhood and is well acquainted with Buddhist and Taoist theory and practice.

Noticing that the spiritual training methods of both Orthodoxy and the Orient are not well understood or assimilated by the average practitioner in the West, Symeon has dedicated himself to clarifying and systematizing methods of self-transformation to bring about dramatic healing results in the lives of ordinary people. These days we all want to "see the goods" before we "purchase" or "sign up", and Symeon's forthcoming book, Rising above the Maelstrom of Life: the Only Proven Way to Master Your Mind, Body and Destiny (provisional title), shows us the "goods" and gives us a step-by-step plan to perfect every aspect of life.

Although a rather unusual thing to do for a priest, Symeon worked for large organizations for most of the last fifteen years. This not only has allowed him to identify very closely with the difficulties of raising a family while working full time, but has given him extensive experience in the area of corporate culture.

And, as if he needed something else on his plate, Symeon lectures on Orthodox theology in English and French through the Orthodox Studies Program at the Université de Sherbrooke in Montreal, and holds workshops on various aspects of health and immunity, internal martial arts and Qi Gong. His other interests include foreign languages - he speaks several fluently - and military affairs. He is married and has three children.

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